Agri-Tech Producers, LLC (ATP)

"Meeting Tomorrow's Needs Today"

About Us 

ATP Overview: ATP is a small company, based in Columbia, South Carolina. It has been involved in biomass and bio-energy initiatives, since 2005.

ATP's Founder and President, Joseph J. James: Mr. James has enjoyed an extensive, 33-year economic development career. During that time, he has been heavily involved in technology commercialization activities in Austin, Texas; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Columbia, South Carolina and the Washington, DC area.

Mr. James has been very active in bio-energy initiatives in the Southeast, since 2004. He is a founding member of the South Carolina Biomass Council, where he has served as Vice-Chair, and is a member of the Southeast Agriculture & Forestry Energy Resources (SAFER) Alliance.

Click here for two articles (the 2nd one is from February, 2009 and linked at the bottom of the 1st) written in Biomass Magazine about ATP.

ATP President, Joe James (Center Rear), at an August 3, 2009 meeting, to discuss climate and energy legislation, with US Senator Lindsey Graham.